Rad Dreamer is an eco-friendly super comfy clothing line made from recycled material ( t-shirts, shirts, blouses, jeans… ) which gives your Rad little babe a hip unique street wear style. Each piece is carefully handmade.

da6fa125-6be6-46dd-b22a-29167e15806cMy name is Fanny. I’m a proud Canadian mother of three ( Daughter not in the picture, really difficult to have her in a picture # Being14 ), so I did this…

3067b90a-536c-43ab-b7bd-38d4f58896ff (1)One girl and two boys. It all began in 2014 when I was tired of looking for some super cool and rad boy clothes. I decided to get to it and make some myself. I posted pictures of my son in it on social media and you know the rest… Rad Dreamer was born!